Thank you for the tremendous help/guidance you provided with my boots/blades selection. Also thank you for the towel this past Saturday for my blades!
Here is my customer testimonial for your website:
“After skating competitively in my youth for many years, it was important to me to find a pair of skates that felt like what I had utilized in competition. One thing that I did not realize, and where Skater’s Edge provided tremendous guidance, was the significant change in sports equipment technology over the years. For example the blades that I used to compete in, were before parabolic blades emerged and I must say, there is a world of difference with parabolic blades. I am thrilled beyond words, with my new pair of skates, and if I could pass along a recommendation to anyone considering a new pair, trust Skater’s Edge’s advice. The parabolic blades are far superior to what I used years ago, and through the expertise of Skater’s Edge, I now have the ‘perfect pair.’ Thank you Skater’s Edge for the significant time that you took, to ensure I had the perfect fit and up to date quality. You’re simply THE BEST!”
Dawn Austin

I can’t begin to explain how pleased I am with the fittings, mountings, and skate sharpening Skater’s Edge provides my figure skating students. Robert and Cathy Hineline have a wealth of knowledge on the wide selection of boots and blades they carry, as well as special orders and custom boots. They take their time with each skater asking all the right questions about skating ability, time on the ice, and they examine the skater’s feet. After a boot and blade is selected, Robert and Cathy provide the latest in boot comfort innovation by punching out pressure points and heat molding the boot to the skater’s foot. Robert and Cathy make sure to explain every step of the boot and blade fitting process and also provide professional advice on boot and blade care. As a coach, it is so nice to know that I can send my students to Skater’s Edge and they will come away with boots and blades that will enhance their ability on the ice. Hardly any “break in” time is needed so I am able to nearly seamlessly continue my skater’s training in their new skates.

Thank you Skater’s Edge!
Coach Karen Skifstrom

Cathy & Robert at Skater’s Edge really go the extra mile when it comes to customer service and have a wealth of experience regarding anything to do with skates. My son plays goal at the AAA level and he expects his sharpenings to be top-notch every time for ultimate performance. And, I can say that Robert delivers precise, consistent service each time we come in. With myself being a goalie coach, I direct all of my goaltenders his way because I know they will be taken care of with great service! We are very fortunate to have Cathy & Robert’s service because it is very difficult to find any better!

Thom and Jess Sepper

The Skater’s Edge is our home for quality sharpening every time!
Kim Hirrsig and David Fox

My daughter had a great experience getting her first pair of quality figure skates. The fit has been great and Cathy took extra time and care to explain the construction of the boot, how to break them in and care for them. We are relatively new to figure skating, so this was a big help. We have always received excellent service with great turnaround on sharpenings- a big help since we don’t live close by.

Thank you!
Cindy Zimmerman

I want you to know how much our family appreciates the fine service we’ve received from The Skater’s Edge over the past few years. In particular, we are loyal skate sharpening customers. In fact, we won’t let anyone but Robert sharpen our kids’ hockey skates if we can help it. At other stores, skate sharpening is a sideline; at The Skater’s Edge, it’s the specialty. I know we’ll get a consistent, top-quality, professional sharpening every time because Robert does the work himself. I heartily recommend The Skater’s Edge.

Dave Pierson

I highly recommend Skater’s Edge. Recently I bought my daughters figure skates from Skater’s Edge and both Robert and Cathy proved to be very knowledgeable and offer wonderful customer service. I wouldn’t trust my daughters skates to anyone else around.

Connie Char Denver, CO

Cathy and Robert are a great asset to our skating community as they continually deliver excellent customer service. As the mother of young skater, I much appreciate Kathy’s patience and ability to fit my daughter with skates – whether new skates or helping to fix up a pair of used skates or trying to extend the fit of a pair of skates for a few more weeks to get through a competition.


Robert and Cathy’s great expertise and outstanding customer service make them a wonderful resource to anyone who needs help determining which products they need for their skater. My daughter is a figure skater and they have been a huge help to us on many occasions. They treat everyone like family and go out of their way to get the products that you need. Their years in the business of skating make them both knowledgeable and well-conntected with all the best boot and blade manufacturers. Thanks, Cathy and Robert!
Sue Pultorak

I think Skater’s Edge is a GREAT shop. I live in Fairly far away and I would rather travel to Skater’s Edge then go closer. They really know their stuff and it is definitely worth the drive. I would highly recommend them to any other skater! Get job and excellent customer service!


Hi Cathy and Robert!
Thomas and I would love to thank you for introducing us to custom Super Feet! Since we have discovered them, Thomas’ feet never hurt, even when he is breaking in a new pair of skates!

His foot went through a real growth spurt this year changing from a size 7 mens to a 10 1/2 mens. Thomas was getting blisters in his skates and severely pronating while skating until Cathy spotted that his arches had fallen due to the ligaments loosening in preparation for growing. The Super Feet have held his arches and the blisters went away immediately. More importantly, they have helped protect the bones in his feet directly and his hips indirectly by eliminating the pronation.

We love the Custom Super Feet! The professionalism and dedication to sizing Thomas and giving his feet support through this transition have helped protect not only his body, but given him confidence in his skating as well.

Thank you!

DawnMarie and Thomas Schwappach