Come in and experience top quality skate repair services and check out the wide variety of skating equipment we have to offer. Put our 20 years of knowledge to work for you. If you would like to bring in your boots for a better fit or have any questions, please feel free to do so at anytime.

Armen Kelkelian has extensive experience sharpening hockey and figure skates. After acquiring the store, he has sharpened skates for more than thousand hockey players ranging in variety levels including several former NHL players. He has also sharpened hundreds of figure skates for skaters ranging in many levels. Many skaters bring or ship their skates to Armen from all parts of US. An Engineer by trade, Armen applies meticulous systemic approach to sharpening skates till he achieves perfection. Whether you’re a “pro” or a beginning skater you’ll be amazed at how Armen can help you get the most out of your skates.


Figure blades – $ 15.00
Figure Paramount and Matrix blades – $ 20.00
Hockey regular player – $ 10.00
Hockey goalie – $ 10.00

If you are shipping to us, please send all skates, blades and repair to:
Skater’s Edge
Attention Armen Kelkelian
2509 Woodruff Way, Arcadia, CA 91007
*Please include prepaid return label with your payment. Repair turnaround will be done quickly and expertly. Payments are accepted by credit card or money order. Please feel free to call with the credit card information, or place with order. Please place with your request your name, address, and phone number that our staff can call with any questions. We look forward working with you.

Stay Sharp: Getting the most from your skates

With your skates sharpened correctly, you’ll skate better and get more enjoyment from your time on the ice. Whether you’re an NHL professional, an amateur player, or you just enjoy a good workout on your hockey skates during public sessions, knowing what to ask for from your local skate sharpener should help you get the most out of your skates. There is a great deal of science and technology associated with skating, including skate design and skate sharpening; the field is known as “skateology.” While you don’t need to be a skateologist to get the most out of your skates, it helps to understand some of the terminology, to know how sharpening can affect the performance of your skates, and what questions you should ask…

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