World famous skaters regularly visit the Skater’s Edge in Denver, Colorado to get their skates repaired or sharpened. Extensive knowledge and experience and having serviced hundreds of customers allows skaters edge workforce utilize their well-known sharpening skills and expertise.

Skater’s Edge specializes in repairs and sales of skates, blades, figure skate sets and offers professional sharpening of figure and hockey boots including any hollow.

It’s worth noting that Skater’s Edge also “repairs feet” with custom Superfeet orthotics for figure skaters, hockey players, as well as soccer, track athletes, and people who work on their feet all day long, which includes the majority of us.



Boot Stretching: spray the inside of boot with leather conditioner and place on boot stretcher overnight.
Please indicate if stretch is for length or width, or both.    $25.00 Pair.
Please note Skater’s Edge is not liable for any damages due to weaken stitching or leather.

Mount blades: on leather boot bottom using stainless steel screws.  $ 25.00 Pair.

Final mount: Our special final mount is done using stainless steel screws and washers, silicone, marine varnish and snow seal.  Your mount will not move, shift, and preserve the leather under the mount.
$ 50.00 Pair.
* Please note, if you purchase both boot and blade from Skater’s Edge, this final mount is INCLUDED in you price.

Snow seal: (waterproof) leather skates.  $ 25.00 Pair.

Heat molding: Skater’s Edge has a skate oven, and this is offered in our retail store.  $  20.00 Pair.

Ankle punch outs, and punch outs: available in bunion and corn areas.  $ 5.00 each.

Hole Repair on leather soles: Repair is done with oak pegs and 2 ply epoxy.  $3.00 each hole.

Stainless Steel Screws:  $ 2.00 each.


Heat mold hockey boots:  $ 20.00  Pair.
* Available in Skater’s Edge retail store only.  

If you have any questions please call Skater’s Edge (720) 283 – 4073

If you are shipping to us, please send all skates, blades and repair to:
Skater’s Edge
South Suburban Ice Arena
6580 S. Vine Street Centennial, CO 80126
*Please include prepaid return label with your payment. Repair turnaround will be done quickly and expertly. Payments are accepted by credit card or money order. Please feel free to call with the credit card information, or place with order. Please place with your request your name, address, and phone number that our staff can call with any questions. We look forward working with you.

– Armen Kelkelian (Skater’s Edge Owner)

** Prices subject to change without notice.
Skater’s Edge reserves the right to change pricing and/or available services without notice. Prices do not include shipping & handling fees or rush order chargers which may apply to some orders and/or long distance or out of state order