• Do skates from the factory come sharpened?
  • What is a sharpening?
    When you turn your skate over and look at the bottom of the blade there is a “U” in the middle of the blade, this is called a hollow. When you turn your boot over and skate a bead of water from the ice goes in that hollow and this makes you glide.
  • How often should I get my skates sharpened?
    Figure blades on average are 20 to 25 hours of ice time. Hockey blades need to be sharpened every 8 to 10 hours of ice time. The metal used on most figure blades is a stronger blade and the sharpening lasts longer than hockey for this reason.
  • Does skating outside on ponds differ than skating indoors?
    Yes. Reminder when skating on ponds and lakes, sharpenings usually last only half their normal time due to the condition of the ice.
  • What hollow should I use?
    In general always ask your coach, but usually figure skaters that are beginners are ½ inch, and trying to start your axel and higher skills are generally 7/16, as the 7/16 hollow is deeper to give you more of a deeper edge when landing your jumps. For hockey again ask your coach, but players are usually ½ inch and 7/16 also, and this varies for age and skills, but in general offence hockey players are ½ inch, and defense players are defense 7/16 inch.
  • How can I tell if my skates are dull?
    Turn your skate over and look at the bottom of the blade. Slightly pivot skate and if you see shiny silver areas these areas are dull and it’s time for a sharpening.
  • Can skates be too sharp?
    Yes, if your skates are chattering when coming to a stop or around corners they are too sharp and will need to be tuned down.
  • Will changing the hollow make me faster?
    Yes, the shallower the hollow the faster you go.
  • Can the profile of my rocker be changed?
    Yes, this is one of our services under repairs.