1. Can you repair skates?
    Absolutely! If it can be fixed we have professionals that can make the repair and probably save you money. If the skate or blade is not worth repairing we’ll tell you up front.
  2. What level of skaters do you work with?
    Skater’s Edge works with all levels of skaters from beginners to Olympians.
  3. Can you help me select the right pair of skates for my daughter and myself?
    Yes, one of our professional staff will discuss your individual skating skills, any foot issues, sizes, comfort and select the best figure skates for your needs.
  4. I skated as a teenager competitively but have not skated for several years, I would like to go skating with my grandchildren and possibly lessons again, can you help select what is best for comfort, as well as size?
    With pleasure we can help you. Many of our customers again join the world of skating after taking a break. Our new skates now are lighter in weight, with foam padding for comfort and warmth. Please give us a call and we will take the time and discuss the best skates for you.
  5. Can you help select the best blades for my skating level?
    Absolutely, as always please ask your coach first, but if you need assistance we will ask you several questions about your skating level and boot and put the correct combination together for you.
  6. I see there are many prices on websites that sell skates and blades, how do you determine your skate and blade prices?
    Skater’s Edge sells all skates and blades at suggested retail price given by the specific dealer.